Coba is a new slot machine from ELK dedicated to Mayan culture. It has a great combination of interesting themes, quality graphics and cash bonuses. In the last issue we talked about a novelty dedicated to a band from the 90’s – N’Sync Pop.

Slot features

Briefly about the features: the playing field is 7×7, there are no paylines. Winnings are paid in clusters, that is, in groups of five or more of the same symbols. Composed combination disappears from the field, and in its place at the bottom fall new elements.

The payout (RTP) is 95% and the volatility is higher than average. This means that getting big winnings at once is almost unrealistic. You will have to spin the slot for a while before it starts to pay out.

To the right of the field there is a counter in the form of a snake’s head. It counts each winning cluster per spin and has four levels. Once the player reaches one of the levels, 1, 2, 3 or 6 snakes crawl onto the field.

From the start, the snake has a length of 5 characters or more. It chooses one type of element and starts to crawl, leaving a trail of symbols behind it. The snake can become part of a cluster or create its own.

If two snakes cross each other, a multiplier of x2 appears at this spot. Each subsequent movement of the snakes through this multiplier doubles it.

The slot also has an X-iter feature. With it, players can get extra bonuses for an extra cost.

Don’t forget to test your luck with the new slots, but play responsibly and keep your head cool.