Gunslinger is a slot machine that will help you feel like you’re in the real Wild West, back in the days when a revolver solved a lot of disputes. The modern slot will not let even the most demanding gambler bored for a minute.

Gunslinger slot machine overview

The developer of the slot Gunslinger made high quality machine, which fully immerses the player in a unique atmosphere of excitement and dangerous adventures in the style of a real western. Apart from the serious work of the designers, who have done a great job, the technical part is also worth mentioning separately. The slot is very modern and has simple controls.

The machine has a large number of bonus symbols and special games, allowing not only to make the gameplay more interesting, but also profitable. Freespins, Wild, Scatter and Bonuses will make the gameplay very exciting.

Gunslinger slot design

Gunslinger is a slot machine that is designed in the classic style of the good old Westerns. The whole gameplay takes place directly in the street, where old wooden buildings stand on either side: saloon, sheriff’s house, stables, etc.

At the top of the reels is a plaque with a buffalo skull tied to it, and next to it is the slot name logo. All of the symbols and bonus levels are in the same Wild West style.

Game Options in Gunslinger

Because of the large number of bonuses may seem that the slot is difficult to understand the rules, but this is not the case. All combinations are only paid from the first reel. Before you start playing, in the menu on the left to determine the number of lines and the stake level. Just click on the square buttons and select the appropriate option.

To run the reels, you need to activate the round buttons on the right. The central (the largest) starts one spin. Above it, with the letter “A” activates the automatic scrolling mode, you can select a certain number or infinite and switch off at the required moment. The button with the lightning bolt activates the accelerated play mode. The bottom control panel not only gives access to the sound settings and “Payout Table”, but also displays the amount in the account and the winnings.

How do I play Gunslinger for free?

The developers have provided a special version that allows you to play without the mandatory registration and deposit – a demo mode. To turn it on, you only need to select the mode “Demo”, it appears before loading the game.

The account will receive a certain amount of coins, which can be added again in case the money runs out. A normal reload of the machine page will replenish the account again. This mode has many positive aspects, but the only downside is that you won’t be able to win real money.

How do I start playing for real money?

To win real money you need to open a casino account, fund it and start betting in the slot for real money. The process takes only a few minutes and immediately after replenishing, you can move on to spinning the reels.

Before the first bet, you need to select its size and in the left settings block and start spinning the reels. It is important to remember player tips about playing responsibly and never play on borrowed or last minute funds.

Positive aspects of the Gunslinger demo game

Gunslinger’s demo mode is full of positives. Some people underestimate playing with free coins, but it can bring enough benefits beyond the moral satisfaction.

Tips on how to get the most out of Gunslinger slot

You should always try out the slot in demo mode and only then start playing for real money. This is to get to know the strengths and weaknesses better. To increase the chances of combinations, it is best to put the maximum number of lines.

The machine has a large number of additional symbols and bonus options, so any additional tips for the game is not. It is only important not to forget to increase winnings in the risk round, guessing the colour of the card.