Royal Potato

It’s a sign of great creativity when a studio can take an ordinary everyday object and construct something fun for us to play with. Developers Print Studios have built an entire kingdom for their potato, which looks great visually. Not only does the personification of the potato give life to a relatively simple object, but it also helps to keep the player engaged in this relentless game.

Let’s start the day by searching Google for history and interesting facts about the potato, all courtesy of promising software developer Print Studios. The slot machine takes us back some 10 000 years, to when the potato was originally domesticated in South America, around Peru and Bolivia. From there, the potato made its way around the planet, becoming the fourth largest food crop in the world, and now plays a major role in its own online slot, Royal Potato.

Game features

The Royal Potato game grid is larger than Crystal Golem, consisting of 5 reels and 4 rows, with 14 SuperSpinner positions appearing between the reels (more on that below). In addition to the graphic treatment, Royal Potato’s stats are also very respectable, starting with a theoretical average payout of 96.27% and rising to 97.14% when you buy a round of free spins. Potential has increased significantly, while volatility is medium/high, which was particularly noticeable when the feature was purchased. Royal Potato slot is available on the casino fortuna website.


All symbols have been specifically designed for Royal Potato and include four low paying floral symbols that are 1.5-3 times the bet, four medium paying symbols called Kennebec, Russet, Yukon and Desiree, worth 6-12.5 times the bet; followed by two high paying kings and queens.

Royal Potato can be a challenging but also a very rewarding and interesting game. Solid stats make it a real fry, soaked in salt and aioli.