Sweet Life 2

Igrosoft’s Sweet Life 2 online slot is a five-reel machine with simple mechanics and an interesting bonus. In the heyday of slot machine halls in Russia, the first version of the game was very popular. A few years later, news about the development of a sequel appeared on the developer’s website. December 27, 2007 the second part saw the light.

About the slot

The structure of the slot and the mechanics of the main game have not changed compared to the original. The same number of reels, rows and lines are used, and the player can activate an odd number of strips from 1 to 9 at his choice. The line bet varies from 1 to 90 coins, and the spin cost varies between 1 and 810 credits.

There is no jackpot in the machine, but a significant maximum payout of up to 675,000 credits is declared. This point compared to the first game has not changed. The rules for making prize combos have not changed either: in order to get the prize you need to collect a string of three or more symbols. They are paid both ways, so the chain can start on any of the outer reels. The highest multiplier is x5000, just like in the first version.

The most significant change in gameplay is the updated risk game. Unlike the first machine, where the doubling round had a storyline – a bear climbed a tree and searched for honey in the hives – now you just have to open the cards.

The mechanics are familiar: there are 5 cards on the field, the value of the dealer’s card is shown immediately, the rest lie face down. The gambler must flip any card. If it turns out to be bigger than the dealer’s, the player doubles his winnings. If the cards turn out to be the same, a draw is declared. By choosing a lower card, the gambler loses the entire bet.

Experienced gamblers are alarmed by the fact that the RTP (Return to Player) is kept secret. The fact that this parameter in the old Igrosoft machines adjusted according to the requirements of the owners of gaming salons, now the operators of online casinos can influence it.

Slot machine interface

Buttons in the machine are located the same way as in other Igrosoft slots: on the one hand select the number of lines, on the other – setting bet level. There is an auto mode and help. In this respect the interface is no different from the first version.

Pros and cons

Casino slot machine pleases fans of gambling simple mechanics, interesting bonus and the ability to run on any device. Its main difference from the first version is the format of the risk game. It no longer has anything to do with the plot, but allows the player to assess the chances of winning.