The game in Twerk is very bright and colourful, but also quite simple and straightforward. Its sound and music design will not only cheer up users, but also make them mentally dance along with the characters in this video slot. Incendiary and really hot slot machine Twerk welcomes everyone who is ready to learn a new choreography and get a rush of adrenaline!

The design of the slot Twerk

New slot machines for free Twerk – a real carnival of colors. Manufacturers was important to convey the atmosphere of this active dance, so the visuals were chosen for the most vibrant, “disco” colours that are mixed in a neon kaleidoscope. The machine is sure to please fans of the slot machine A night out dancing themes in a colorful version. Graphics are really very rich and bright, so the player will immediately feel a mood lift. The overall style of the interface is reminiscent of the underground style, because the location in this case is a dance studio, the walls of which you can see graffiti. The brick wall, the wires on the floor and the dance floor itself create a rather realistic effect, which contributes to a more vivid perception of what is happening. To top it all off, there are rousing rhythms in the background that make you want to dance. The interface is presented in a very interesting way, as it doesn’t look very typical. Some users may be intimidated by this, but delved into the peculiarities of the settings and controls, everything falls into place. Particular attention should be paid to the playing field, which consists of reels and lines. By today’s standards, these two indicators are very modest in size, but the productivity of the gameplay does not suffer from this. Scrolling reels in a slot machine Twerk a total of 3, and the lines are 5. Each line is marked with its own individual marker, and all the markers are collected on the two sidebars of the field. Interestingly, the line indicators are designed in the form of two large music speakers that uninterruptedly give the bass and vibrate with a loud sound. As for the other animation effects, they take place at the moment of winning. If the player has collected the necessary combination, the dancer’s buttocks on the symbols begin to move characteristically, pleasing to the eye. Information about the rewards and user balance is broadcast at the top of the screen, and on the opposite side you can find the control panel. All the buttons are labeled with the appropriate names written in graffiti-like font.

Twerk slot machine gameplay

In a slot machine Twerk there are minimal settings, which are justified by the small number of lines. As can be guessed, the linear ratio is not controllable by the user, but the bet can be adjusted. In this case, the range of bets is very impressive, because it opens up a lot of opportunities for the player. You can change the bet by pressing the total bet, which has two arrows to increase or decrease the value. The user can choose for themselves in what mode will scroll through the reels: automatic or manual. Prize combinations consist only of 3 of the same symbol placed on one of the 5 lines. If this symbol is a scatter, in addition to 25 bets the user will get a chance to test themselves in the prize level. At the very beginning of this mini-game two girls are chosen, one of which will dance for the user and the other will oppose her. Free spins will then be triggered and the slot machine will determine the winner. There is a slot machine Twerk standard risk game, which will give the opportunity to tickle your nerves, as well as double the prize. In order to select the increased payment, you must choose from the proposed card layout, which overlaps the dealer’s card.


Twerk slot machine is a game with a unique theme that hasn’t been flashed elsewhere before. Colorful presentation, thematic prize game, elementary rules, savory symbols and quite generous rewards will be a pleasant moment in the life of any fan of gambling entertainment. The risk level will add pepper to the gameplay, and rousing music will lift the mood for the day!